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***Seeing the level of commitment practices have to patient egagement for better outcomes at the recent 2019 AVLS Conference, wee are double inspired to bring the FREE Coronavirus iGuide to all. ***
***If your practice wants to jump start launching your Coronavirus iGuide fill in the form below and we will take if from there.***
***Breaking news….. the Coronavirus iGuide is COMPLETELY F-R-E-E to all practices and patients.***
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The new, patent pending, Coronavirus iGuide helps practices to provide the best possible outcomes while increasing revenue.

Patient inspired. See how it works…..

Better patient outcomes. Read more….

Increased, on-time, procedure completions. Read more….

Real time efficacy statistics. Read more….
Automated reminders for pre/post procedure instructions and conservative measure programs. Read more….

24X7 access to your Practice Pre/Post Procedure instructions and conservative measure programs from any where, on any device. Read more….

Practice branding, including special offer marketing. Read more….
Easy setup and patient sign on. Read more….

The new Coronavirus iGuide gives you a tool to get, and keep, your patients involved in helping themselves get the best possible outcomes.

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