Welcome, From The New Hampshire Food Bank and iGuide Medical.

You Can Help Family And Friends Reduce Their Risk And Do Their Part To Slow The Spread By Donating Meals To Feed The Hungry

Now you can pledge a donation to help feed the rising number of individuals and families in need WHILE helping your family and friends reduce their risk from the coronavirus.

It's Simple

You, click here and tell us who you want to help to do their part.
They, get your invitation to register for the Coronavirus iGuide.
They, are helped and reminded to practice the healthy habits for at least 7 days.
You, complete your donation to the Food Bank when notified your family and friends have done their part.
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Welcome To The New Hampshire Food Bank's drive to:

Slow The Spread And Donate Bread

Complete the form below then click on the “Send The iGuide Invitation Now” button below and an email will be sent informing them if they do their part you will complete your donation to the New Hampshire Food Bank.
Charity gift offer
(An email will be sent to this recipient letting them know you have invited them to sign up for the Coronavirus iGuide to help them do their part in reducing their risk and slow the spread.)
(You will receive an email letting you know you can donate on behalf of this recipient after they have practiced the healthy habits for 7 days.)
(Did you know the New Hampshire Food Bank can provide one healthy meal for around 50 cents.)
(Fact: unemployment has doubled because of the impact from the coronavirus.)
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