Your Free Coronavirus iGuide
***Having just returned from the 2019 AVLS Conference, we are even more inspired to offer this FREE resource, by the medical community’s dedication to inspiring patient engagement. ***
***Inspiring patient engagement. Brought to you by***
***Breaking news….. the Coronavirus iGuide is COMPLETELY F-R-E-E to all practices and patients.***

From vein care activity programs, to pre and post vein procedure instructions, your vein care iGuide assists you with managing your vein health.

Pre and post procedure instructions with automated reminders.

Automatically assigned, ongoing, activity plans based on your current level of vein health.

Reminders for your vein health activities.

Arrange your activities to suite your schedule.

Get free points.

Access your Coronavirus iGuide from any device.

Your vein care iGuide assists you in all these ways and so much more.  And, it’s completely free so sign up today!  Tell your friends too.

Here is what to do if you want to become a Coronavirus iGuide member, for FREE:

1- ask your vein care doctor for a free invitation to their Coronavirus iGuide.
2- if they do not have one, tell your doctor about us, and that we will help them set up their own Coronavirus iGuide, and that it’s completely free for them too.
3- take 15 seconds to fill in the easy form below.  Then click the Send It button.  We’ll work with your doctor to get them set up so you can become a member.  It’s  completely FREE.
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