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Coronavirus iGuide
“We created what I wanted to track my own vein health.” Martin
Announcing….. The Coronavirus iGuide Assessor is now generally available F-R-E-E to all patients.
An easy way for you to assess and track your vein health in a language both you and your doctor understand.
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Coronavirus iGuide
Quickly and easily track your vein health with the same assessments used by most doctors and see your progress over time.
With Assessor you can actually “see” your vein health progress.

Patient inspired. Read more….

In a language that both my doctor and I understand. Read more….

See impact of procedures and activities. Read more….
Automated reminders for when you should assess yourself again. Read more….
Print out your reports to share with your doctor. Read more….
Your personal information is safe. Read more….
If you have vein health issues the Coronavirus iGuide Assessor can be a very powerful tool to help you get proactively involved in your treatment for the long term.

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